When does the park open in the morning?

Park hours are from 11am to 6pm

Would I be able to pray at the park?

Yes, there will be an area dedicated outside playland on the West Side. We have scheduled prayers and space available to pray from noon until close.

What are prayer times at the park?

Duhar at 1:30pm
Asr at 5:45pm

Will there be an after hours program?

Unfortunately, not this year. PNE has changed it’s operating hours and they park will be closing at 6pm. We will not access to the outside area where we held programs in the past years.

Is there Halal food available?

Yes, there are halal hot dogs available. We cannot have outside vendors but we are trying to add more Halal options.

Can Muslim vendors sell food outside the park?

No, PNE does not allow that.

Would there be any non-food vendors?

We will have a few vendors selling clothes and other items. Please visit them and support the local Muslim businesses.